• South Downs Farm Cluster Network

    The farm cluster/group concept is a simple one; farmers, land managers and local partners work together across the landscape to improve and enhance the environment, or put another way, work together to achieve more than they can on their own.

How it works

A trusted local advisor is often appointed to run and coordinate the group on a day to day basis, with a steering group consisting of members and locally relevant partners providing direction.

The farm cluster approach is very much from the bottom up, with farmers and landowners forming the group and deciding their own aims and objectives. These are very much issues of local interest and relevant to the species and habitats found there. The objectives form an operational plan that the group collectively works together to deliver and is also used to track and monitor progress.

About the Clusters

There are six farm clusters within the South Downs National Park; the Eastern South Downs Farmers Group, Arun to Adur Farmers Group, Rother Valley Farmers Group, South Downs Farmers Group, Selborne Landscape Partnership and the Winchester Downs Farm Cluster. They range in size from just under 5,000ha to over 30,000ha and have anywhere between 10 and 45 members.