• Protecting & shaping tomorrow

    Farming is integral to the South Downs, producing quality food and looking after the landscape that we love and enjoy.

  • Working with nature

    As the tapestry of fields, villages, vineyards and rural communities attest, the South Downs is very much a shared endeavour. It’s farming that holds it together.

  • Caring for the Landscape

    We are convinced that a collaborative and mutually supportive approach to farmland management across the South Downs will deliver a diverse and vibrant landscape.

  • Farming in the South Downs

    Well managed farmland can deliver high quality food, wildlife, an inspiring landscape, clean water and soil, flood defence and climate change mitigation.

  • Visiting the landscape

    Wander through the South Downs and you will discover a rich mosaic of habitats, many of which are as a result of the farming that takes place here.

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Our farmland has more to it than first meets the eye, with many farmers and land managers actively managing and creating the landscape we all know and enjoy – keep up to date with all of the work going on across the area on our social platforms.

Farm Cluster Groups

Working together

There are a network of Farmer Groups on the South Downs where farmers are working together to achieve more at a landscape scale.

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