Soils of the South Downs

For farmers, soil is a very important asset.  It is the medium in which they grow their crops, or produce grass and other fodder that is either grazed by or fed to livestock.  Soil is also a habitat in its own right and is thought to be home to a quarter of all living species on the planet.

The way in which farmers manage the soil has a big impact on its overall health, and can influence factors such as structure, organic matter levels and worm numbers.  Getting these factors in the right balance leads to soils that can support vibrant and healthy crops, can hold water both in times of flood and drought, and provide the base of a healthy ecosystem.

Soil is also not just soil, there are many different types that are made up of the three main building blocks; clay, silt and sand.  Soil types can vary as you travel across farms, and sometimes across individual fields.  The following article from the South Downs National Park Authority explains more about the soils on the South Downs…….

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